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In  celebration and to honor our legend
of the quarter mile and automotive aftermarket the Quarter Mile Foundation has created a T-Shirt for all racing and aftermarket fans. We have listed as many names as we could based on the print area allowed. While we were doing this we discovered that this is going to have to be a series of tees in order to get as many of our legend’s names as possible for fans and racers alike to be able to proudly wear all your favorite “Legends” names that you have watched and grown up with.
The quantities you see are all that is available, these will not be re-printed. Get yours now before they hit the Finish Line.
QMF Revised 6_12 Black Shirt
QMF Revised 6_12 White Shirt
QMF Revised 6_12 Pink Shirt
Bobby Lagana, Sr. Gene Mooneyham Fritz  Voight
Joe Pisano George “Ohio”  Montgomery Connie Swingle
John  Buttera Al “Mousie” Marcellus Pat Foster
Al Segrini Al Bergler Walt Arfons
Arlen “Akron” Vanke Alex Xydias Gary Ormsby
Barbara Hamilton Art Arfons Arnie Beswick
Bob Brandt Art Chrisman Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins
Bob Glidden Austin Coil Bill “Speedy Bill” Smith
Bobby Langley Bernie Fedderly Bob Vandergriff, Sr.
Boyd Codington Bernie Partridge Bruce Larson
Buddy Martin Bob Stange Carl Olson
C.J. “Pappy” Hart Borsch, William “Wild Willie Carroll Shelby
Carol “Bunny” Burkett Buster Couch Chet Herbert
Connie Kalitta Chuck Stolze Chuck Finders
Dale Funk Dale Emery Dale Armstrong
Dale Pulde Dave McClelland Dante Duce
Dante Pastorini Dick LaHaie Darrell Gwynn
Dick Harrell Dick Skoglund Dean Moon
Ed “Ace” McCullough Don Garlits Dick Estevez
Ed “Isky” Iskenderian Don Hampton Dick Moroso
Ed Pink Don Prudhomme Don Nicholson
Frank Pedregon Ed “Fast Eddie” Schartman Don Schumacher
Gas Rhonda Gene Altizer Eddie Hill
Gene Mooneyham Gentleman Joe Schubeck Francis Butler
George Snizek Gordy Foust Frank Hawley
Harry Hibler Hubert Platt George Elliott
Jere Stahl Jack “Doc” Watson Gordie Bonin
Jim Head Jack Roush Herm Petersen
Jim McFarland Jim Oddy James Warren
Joaquin Arnett Jim Read Jeg Coughlin, Sr.
Joe Amato Jim Thorton Jerry Ruth
John Force Jim Walther Jim Stuempfle
John Jodauga Jimmy King Jim Tice
Jon Asher Joe Hrudka Jimmy Diest
Jon Lundberg Kenny Hirata Joe Mondello
Judy Lilly Lamar “Mr. 409″ Walden Julio Marra
Junior Thompson Larry Lombardo Ken Montgomery
Keith Black Linda Vaughn Ken Veney
Larry Morgan Mark Pawuk Kenny Bernstein
Leslie Lovett Marvin Graham Kenny Warren
Paul Candies Mickey Thompson Kenny Youngblood
Phil Weiand Paula Murphy Larry Dixon Sr.
Raymond Beadle Phil “Daddy Warbucks” Bonner,  Sr. Lou Baney
Rich Guasco Red Matthei Louie Senter
Ronnie Sox Richard Brady Mickey Hart
Shirley Muldowney Rick Hendrick Nick Arias
Shirley Shahan Rocky Pirrone Rahn Tobler
Sid Waterman Roger Gustin Smokey Yunick
Tom Coddington Roland Leong Steve Evans
Tom Raley Tom Hoover Steve Reyes
Wally Parks Tommy Ivo Tim Richards
Warren Johnson Tony Nancy Tommy “TC” Lemons
 Kenny Koretsky Vic Edelbrock Sr.
Vic Edelbrock Jr.
Tommy Johnson, Sr.
Wally Booth

Mike Greene of CarsYeah gets Personal with Traci Hrudka in Pod Cast

Profile PicListen in as Mike Greene interviews Traci Hrudka of the Quarter Mile Foundation. No subject was off limits.

CarsYeah podcast is a 5 day a week show hosted by Mark Greene. Mark is an incurable automotive enthusiast interviewing successful automotive entrepreneurs who live a lifestyle around their passion for automobiles. Mark will take you on their journey, get under the hood, and provide some inspiration.  You can find the show on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, YouTube, or here on the Cars Yeah website Podcast pages.  Don’t forget to subscribe and get your free Fill ‘R Up Book. Sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride! – See more at: http://www.carsyeah.com.

 Listen in here…

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