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No Limits magazine headlines Quarter Mile Foundation

The current issue of the e-magazine No Limits at www.wildaboutcars.com has a top of the page story highlighting the Foundation and our mission to capture the history of drag racing and the performance aftermarket, utilizing the recollections of the pioneers and legends of the sport and the industry.

You can read about it by clicking this link:No Limits


The Wild About Cars site focuses upon the historic Detroit cars and automotive history, with motorsports playing a very prominent role.  Wild About Cars has been a staunch supporter of the Foundation from the early days, and if you are into automotive history, you owe it to yourself to look around the site and be transported back to the Golden Days of Detroit.

Quarter Mile Foundation announces 2012 P.R.I. Show presence

The Quarter Mile Foundation announces it will once again have a strong presence at the 25th Annual Performance Racing Industry Show, November 29, 30 and December 1, 2012 in Orlando, Fla.

The Foundation’s booth is located in the Orange County Convention Center’s South Hall area, BOOTH NUMBER 4521.

Foundation chairman Traci Hrudka commented, “We are very pleased with the location of this year’s display.  We had several excellent options from which to select, and being able to work with the PRI Show staff, and Jeff Swoboda in particular, we were able to secure this high-traffic location.

“We feel that we will be able to impact a large portion of the attendees, since the booth location is surrounded by a number of high profile companies.  This should provide us with the opportunity to share our goals and accomplishments with show attendees and the other exhibitors.”

The Foundation is in the process of finalizing guest appearances during the Show hours, and that information will be released at a later date.

Quarter Mile Foundation adds 22 new interviews at the SEMA Show

The Quarter Mile Foundation completed a very successful 2012 SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, October 30 to November 2, highlighted by the completion of 22 additional interviews for the Foundation’s PROJECT 1320 documentary film.

Quarter Mile Foundation chairman, Traci Hrudka observed, “We were very focused upon getting interviews of some key industry people, as well as others with connections to the competition side.  As noted by PROJECT 1320’s producer, Dan Koterba, the interviews gathered during the week created very interesting and diverse commentary.  This continues to show the very rich tapestry of the way the sport and the industry started and developed over the years.

“As in the past years, the Specialty Equipment Market Association and CONVEXX (the SEMA Show Producer) made the interviews possible.  They worked closely with the Foundation to assure a quiet room conducive for getting the best quality interviews.  This, along with an excellent, high traffic show booth location and record Show attendance, the support shown by SEMA and CONVEXX gain created a very productive week!

“We were able get the recollections of a very diverse group of industry and drag racing veterans, including several SEMA Hall of Famer’s whose contributions helped define the character of drag racing and the performance aftermarket.”
With the completion of the SEMA Show filming, the Quarter Mile Foundation has now interviewed 200 individuals, encompassing 225-plus hours of material.

A list of the interviewees follows.


Interviews completed at the SEMA Show 2012

October 30- November 2, 2012


  • Richard Brady — Veteran drag racing photographer
  • Dick Burley — Long-time Keith Black Racing Engines employee, friend
  • Corky Coker — Coker Tire President/CEO, Chairman, SEMA Board of Directors (2003), SEMA Hall of Fame (2008)
  • Bob Cook — Veteran Manufacturers Rep, Founder/President Emeritus Bob Cook Sales, SEMA Hall of Fame (2008), active in SEMA and Performance Warehouse Association (PWA)
  • Tom Curnow —  Former owner Eagle Headers, Co-Owner of the “Over The Hill Gang” Top Fuel car (and later restored the car), CEO – Performance Products (a private brand label manufacturer to the industry)
  • Dale Dobies — Veteran Mr. Gasket Company employee, specialist in customer service and race support operations
  • J. Russell (Russ) Deane — Long-time General Counsel for SEMA, SEMA Hall of Fame (2007), Bonneville 200 MPH Club, World Record Holder Class F/PS (Dodge Neon), SCCA road racer.
  • George Elliott — Former President, Argus Publishing Company, Chairman, SEMA Board of Directors (1989), SEMA Hall of Fame (1990)
  • Doug Evans — Senior Group Publisher (Automotive) Source Interlink Media, SEMA Person of the Year (1990), SEMA Board of Directors, Chairman, Save the Salt Foundation
  • John Iannotte — Long time Manufacturers Rep (Bob Barker Sales, N.A. Williams), Chairman – SEMA Manufacturers Rep Council (MRC),  SEMA Board of Directors
  • John Jodauga — Senior Editor, National Dragster; noted drag racing artist, historian
  • Amy Faulk — Pioneer female drag racer, C.E.O., Hypertech, Inc., SEMA Person of the Year (1996), SEMA Hall of Fame (2002)
  • Bob Larivee, Sr. —      Founder of International Show Car Association (ISCA), early car show      promoter including the earliest Detroit Autoramas (which was a major      financial supporter of Michigan’s first dragstrip –the New Baltimore      Dragstrip), SEMA Hall of Fame (2012)
  • Bob McJannett —      Co-founder of Performance Improvements – one of the earliest performance      retailers and warehouse distributors in Canada, multi-term member SEMA      Board of Directors, SEMA Hall of Fame (2003)
  • Mary Mondello — Wife      of the late Joe Mondello, President of Joe Mondello Racing Engines
  • Skip Scafidi — Son of long-time Manufacturers Rep, the late John (“Skip”) Scafidi of Scafidi-Bolio & Associates      covering the Northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada, now a part of Marc Alan      Associates.
  • Paul Schiefer, Jr. —  Schiefer Media; Son of Paul Scheifer, founder      of Schiefer Manufacturing (Schiefer Clutches) and who was one of SEMA’s co-founders
  • Gene Schwartz —      Pioneering drag racer in the Gas classes, held multiple NHRA E.T./Speed      records, multi NHRA event winner
  • Nate Shelton — Chairman, B&M      Automotive Group, SEMA Chairman-Elect (2013), PWA Person of the Year      (1994), SEMA Person of the Year (1998), SEMA Hall of Fame (2007)
  • Bob Spar — Co-Founder of B & M      Racing (with brother Don), one of the co-founders of SEMA, SEMA Hall of      Fame (1981)
  • Dave Wallace, Jr. —      Noted drag racing journalist and historian; Editor of Hot Rod Deluxe,      owner of Good Communications
  • Kenny Youngblood —      Legendary drag racing and hot rodding artist
  • Mike Zimmerman — Long      time West Coast Manufacturers Rep, co-founded Airheart Sales (with Bob      Airheart)